Relationship Advice Tips For Women

If a couple is having a problem, perhaps it could be said that one of the worst things to do is ask a friend for relationship advice. People that know you are not always likely to be truthful in seeing a fault for a fault no matter whose side they are on. Often friends will stick up for only the one they are friends with, giving an unfair advantage to that person.

When relationships are on rocky ground one of the best ways to get the help needed may be consulting with a counselor or someone who neither of the two know and get help from a fresh unbiased opinion. People that are unrelated and unknowing to the couple can look at the entire situation from outside of the box, rather then inside. Those that are familiar with a couple tend to make a judgment based on past mistakes or situations.

When couples forgive one another, the mistakes of the past are to be just that, mistakes of days long gone. If a person has forgiven they need be careful to not pass future judgment on past mistakes. Unless the issues are related to abuse, cheating or some other major issue, however complaining about lifeless issue is wrong.

For example an argument is over cleaning house, if forgiveness has been given you cant bring up being sick of fighting over it, it’s not fair. If forgiveness was granted, keep it granted. Often this means people will have to stop trying to change the other one. If an individual is set in their ways and things are not changing then you are facing a lifetime of living with the same issues, perhaps if it is unbearable, splitting up before years are lost is the best bet.

Relationships are one of the hardest things to manage in life. It will mean that more often than not one person or the other will have to be the better of the two, believe me the better person varies on what day of the week it is. The better individual is the one who forgives and does not harbor or dwell a problem. It is wise to try to be the better person even if your partner is as well. Treat them as you want to be treat, that is perhaps the best relationship advice people have ever heard.

Guides to Make Your Boyfriend to Marry You

The desire of many girls in this world is to have a boyfriend that will love them and may be get married to them. It is very unfortunate that men don’t think the way that girls think. Many men are only interested in going into relationship with girls or ladies to be having sex with them.

Since your desire is to have a boyfriend that will marry you at the end, you need to make effort to make sure that your boyfriend finally marries you.

One of the reasons why your boyfriend can decide to marry you is your character. If you are in relationship with a man and he discovers that you have good character, this would make him to develop interest in marrying you.

Try as much as possible to show real love to your man or boyfriend. If he notices that you really love him, this can equally make him to develop interest in marrying you.

Three questions to ask yourself if you want your boyfriend to marry you

Does the man really love me? This is very important. You must make sure that your boyfriend or man really loves you before you develop the interest in going into marriage with him.

Now that the answers to your questions are satisfactory and you have come to like your boyfriend or man to the extent that you want to marry him, it is now the time for you to make sure that he gets married to you which is the only benefit you have in being his girlfriend. But if you don’t make any effort to persuade him to marry you, you may lose him to other girls.

Is the man matured enough for marriage? This is also a very important issue that you must consider. It is only a matured man that can keep a marriage. If you marry a man who is not yet matured for marriage, you may have problem in that marriage.

Does the man possess good character? If you know that the man possesses good character that you like. It means that you will be very happy marrying him and he will also make you happy.

Simple Ways To Tell If You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship

If you are questioning as to whether or not the relationship you are in is one you should stay in, then keep reading on to find out the ways you can tell if you are in an unhealthy relationship. All good relationships are based on the person’s ability to relate as well as communicate with one another. But once the ability to relate and communicate with one another goes away because of the day to day circumstances and pressures, this is when things can take a turn for the worst.

2 Signs That Your Relationship is Failing

Disconnected Communication

Every relationship expert, psychologist, dating coach, matchmaker etc. will tell you that the very first step to a successful relationship is communication. Nothing builds a healthier relationship than proper communication. If you both lack effective communication as a couple due to anger, distance, grudges, misunderstanging etc, then you will miss out on a happy and fulfilling relationship. Imagine pouring your heart and soul out to your partner only to have them meet you with hurtful words and even worst of all a blank stare! It is very hard to be in a situation where somebody refuses and resists listening to you and considering your emotional needs. The first step to fixing anunhealthy relationship is to first analyze if its even worth fixing. Go back in time with where you both started in order to talk things out and figure out where you both went wrong.

Emotional Distance

The second way to tell if you are in an unhealthy union is through your lost bond. Emotional distance is a big factor within any healthy relationship and ultimately you want the distance to be as little as possible. The bond between a couple is a major ingredient of their happiness, most happy couples typically have very miniscule emotional distance ( hey, relationships are not perfect). In order to feel content and secure in what you have, you need to be able to trust the other person with your sentiments, thoughts and emotions. Nowadays with the rise of social media sites, longer working hours and increased socializing, the emoitional distance between many couples is growing in size. The leading cause of emotional infidelity or infidelity in general is the decrease of or the lack of an emotional connection. It is thus best to share your feelings and thoughts with your partner if you want your relationship to last through the good and the bad.

Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy is a major part of any healthy relationship. And getting stuck in the rut of an unhalthy union can really kill your intimacy as a couple. Pain, disillusionment and suffering are all symptoms of a relationship that lacks intimacy. If a couple does not have intimacy within their relationship, then this will tear them further away from each other as the relationship becomes deprived of the one main ingredient that holds most successful relationships together (think of it as the egg that keeps the dough together).

Even though by reading the above you realize that as a couple you are less than perfect, keep in mind that if you believe you have something great, it will be worth the fight. Perhaps the bond you once had together can be revived with time and work. It is never too late to repair a lost connection.

How to Talk to Boys

Talking to boys can be one of the most difficult things to do, particularly if you actually like the boy you want to talk to. There will most likely be thoughts that cross your mind like “I don’t know what to say to him”, “what if he thinks I’m stupid”, and so on.

Here are some tips to help you understand what boys like to talk about and how they react to various topics.

Get him to talk about himself – Ask questions that will get him to talk about the things he likes, what his thoughts are. For example, ask which team his cap or jacket is from and how long he’s been following them for, ask what he thought of an earlier class, ask what he likes to watch on TV, what sort of movies he likes to watch, and so on. You will be able to learn quite a bit about him from these types of questions. I would recommend staying away from questions that have a simple yes/no answer such as “did you like that class” or “did you watch [a particular TV show] last night”. Open-ended questions will help the conversation flow more naturally and for longer.

Give him time to talk – When we are nervous, we tend to fill the silence with words. It removes any awkward silences, but at the same time, it doesn’t allow the other person to have an input into the conversation. If you tend to talk a lot when you’re nervous, focus on asking a question and then stopping. Also, take two deep breaths before beginning to speak. This will give him enough chance to say something if he wants to, and it will prevent him from feeling smothered in a one-way conversation.

Use laughter to ease the tension – If you can find something to laugh about – a joke you have heard or something funny that happened, that’s a great way to ease the tension and make the conversation fun for the both of you.

Stick to the truth – We often feel that our true selves isn’t worth the attention we want. To compensate for this, we are prone to stretching the truth to make ourselves look more impressive. This is a mistake. It might seem to work in the short term, but it will definitely be harmful in the long term. Boys actually want to know that you are a real person with real positives, negatives, successes, and failures. Don’t hide them. Being truthful will allow for a stronger friendship to form between you.

Make eye contact – We don’t just communicate through our words. We also communicate through our body language and our eyes. Making eye contact shows that you respect him and are interested in what he has to say.

Make the first move – Just as you are nervous about going up and talking to him first, boys are also very nervous about approaching girls. They have the same fears of “looking stupid” and no knowing what to say. Unfortunately one of you will have to make the first move and it might as well be you. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you will know whether he has an interest in you, and the sooner the anxiety of not knowing will be resolved.

If you aren’t sure about how to approach a boy for the first time, first make a connection by smiling as you walk past each other. He will notice you and return the smile. Say “hi” as well. Although this seems like a very small thing, it will make the first time you have a conversation more natural and more comfortable.

When you approach him for the first time to start a conversation, try to do it when he’s alone somewhere. This will allow him to be himself. Ask one or two open-ended questions like those suggested at the beginning of this article. All you want from this conversation is to get him talking to you, and only for a very short time. Don’t expect a lengthy conversation. Just one or two exchanges. End the conversation by saying that you have to head off to class or meet with some friends.

Once you have done it the first time, it will be easier to repeat having a short conversation with him. Do this two to three times and your conversations will naturally increase in length and deepen in content. From here you will be able to direct your conversations to where you want them to go. Do what feels natural. You will be able to have longer and deeper conversations, and you will be able to organise doing some things together like getting a bite to eat or going to see a movie.

Talking to boys is very different to talking to your best friends. The first exchange is the hardest. But keep this to a very short conversation just to break the ice, and let your conversations become longer naturally. Don’t be too critical of yourself. Give it time. Each time you do it your anxiety will reduce and you will become more comfortable with it.