Women on the Dos and Donts of Male Grooming

When it comes to grooming, as men, we tend to prefer to keep things simple – and by that we mean doing as little as humanly possible. Who has time to primp and preen, after all? Unfortunately for most of us, we are living in the age of the metrosexual. With so many pretty boys walking around with perfectly coifed hair, gleaming white teeth, and not a patch of body hair in sight, many of us are starting to question our trademark ‘Neanderthal-esque’ appearance. The question is – what do the women think of this new trend? Let’s investigate…

Man buns are in, short hair is out

So there are indeed many conflicting opinions when it comes to man buns, with some practically worshipping the ‘do and others deeming the look to be rather laughable. The ladies, however, are big into it, so, in all honesty, do you really need any more reason to grow your hair? Pair the man bun with a sexy lumberjack beard and some checked shirts (or a suit if you’re into that sort of thing) and you’ll be good to go.

B.O is the number one turn off

According to women from all over the globe, the one thing that instantly puts them off of a guy is bad body odour. If you are struggling to control your sweat glands but really want to make a good impression on that attractive broad across the room, be sure to invest in an intoxicating body spray, cologne or deodorant. Plus, if you smell good, you feel good; so be sure to capitalise on that boost in confidence.

Ear and nose hair is a no-no

There is nothing worse than copious amounts of hair sprouting from your facial orifices. Do you really want to look like your granddad? We think not. Buy yourself a professional hair-trimmer and get rid of that unwanted fuzz. The ladies will thank you for it.

Well-groomed hands are a must

Think about it – would you want hard, calloused hands all over you? Doubtful. According to most women, well-groomed hands are incredibly attractive so, while we aren’t suggesting that you go for a full blown mani-pedi on a weekly basis, it is definitely a good idea to consider applying some hand cream and trimming your nails from time to time.

So, there you have it, guys! Everything that you need to know about male grooming from a female’s perspective. Now all that’s left to do is to get out there and impress the babes with your incredible hygiene and impeccable taste.

Preparing Food For You And Your Beloved

FOOD, MORE THAN a mere filling for the belly, can also pleasure the soul, fuel the body, and promote good health. The ideal food for inciting passion is light, moist, sweet, easily digested, and enzymatically active. Moist foods lend their yin to sexual fluids. Yang comes from their enzymes-the spark of life-and from their seed-reproducing capabilities. Naturally sweet foods, such as fruits and vegetables, provide energy and stamina.

The presentation of food is an opportunity for loving expressions of creativity. Make your food a mandala of love, celebrating the fantastic forms and colors of nature! Serve entrees on a bed of colorful greens, grated carrots, or cabbage. Decorate with colorful garnishes: try cucumber slices, radish roses, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower buds, carrot curls, sprouts, avocados scooped out with a melon bailer, buckwheat lettuce, sunflower greens, lemon slices, watercress, almonds, chopped nuts, olives, chopped red pepper, coconut, stuffed celery, berries, slices of citrus, pomegranate seeds, or star fruit slices. Stick a small bundle of green beans or asparagus spears in the round of a red pepper.

Sprinkle food with paprika or cinnamon. You can create beautiful designs by placing a lace paper doily or large maple leaf on top of a dish, then sprinkling your colorful powdered seasoning all around it. When you carefully remove the doily or leaf, you’ll have a stunning ornament! Use fresh herbs from your garden (basil, chives, cilantro, dill, fennel, oregano, mint, parsley, or rosemary). Add crunch and color with sesame, sunflower, chia, or poppy seeds. Use nuts, dried fruit, or edible flowers to make designs. Use pretty molds shaped like hearts or butterflies for cakes and pates. Set the table with beautiful serving ware. Decorate with edible flowers to cause your chakras to vibrate!

Prepare food with loving intention. Play beautiful music or positive self-help tapes while doing food prep. Remember food magic: When preparing food for you and your beloved, take turns putting a slice or spoonful into each person’s bowl. Energetically, you will be sharing of the same fruit.

Burn a red candle (hemp, beeswax, or soy candles are safer than paraffin) in the kitchen while preparing food for sexual vitality. Green can be used to call in love or health. Bless your food and give thanks.

Buying a product at the natural food store doesn’t necessarily make it healthy. Organic whole-wheat macaroni and cheese in a box is still a processed food. The best foods are unrefined ones that provide a wide range of colors and satisfy the senses. Make snacks an opportunity for health by letting nuts, seeds, yogurt, fruit, and vegetables replace candy and ice cream. If you allow the media to guide your food choices, the next step will be to ask your doctor is if this drug is right for you!

Clearing Your Emotions After A Breakup

If your girlfriend has just broken up with you — especially if it happened out of the blue — you will likely be going through a huge range of emotions. You’ll probably feel the urge to break into tears, and your heartbreak may feel a lot of anger, confusion, and hopelessness. These are all normal feelings after a breakup, but if you want to win your ex back for good as quickly as possible, you need to know what to do in the first few days after you and your girlfriend broke up.

Although I realize that it may be too late for this now, there are few things you should try to avoid when your ex first breaks up with you. One of the most important is to try and avoid crying and showing your ex how weak and helpless you really are.

Don’t Argue With Your Ex Or “Appeal To Emotion”.

You may be so inclined to ask your ex why she wanted to break up with you. You may also be tempted to apologize to your ex for all of what went wrong, then try to cling to the past and just seem like a sucker! up. Don’t do this!

The “Anything Can Happen” Policy.

The next thing you’ll need to do is accept that closure may not be possible. If you’re especially prone to anxiety, then you may obsess and play the breakup over and over again in your mind. But the key thing is to be open to any and all possibilities of what may happen. You can’t predict the future and you cannot impose your own reality on others. I know, this may be hard to face. A lot of things you’ll want to do next are counterintuitive. They say “don’t date right away on the rebound” but I think it’s foolish to live without choices. You very well may want to try at least flirting/hanging out with other women even if you won’t get serious. But what if you want something you had that you feel you lost. If you were to go back and retain something you invested a lot of time in, you may feel better. So even though, I’d say in many situations it may be wrong, if you have a good feelin about the relationship you were just in-

Helpful Dating Tips for Men

  1. Manners Maketh Man: You need not-and should not-unnecessarily put on airs and graces for your date, as doing so would in all likelihood come across as ingenuine as it is. Basic good etiquette, however, is an excellent way in which to create a favourable impression. Pay your date a genuine compliment. Open a door or two. Make eye contact. Be polite to the wait staff.
  2. Look Nice, Smell Better: It goes without saying that you should dress well for your date, though again nothing overly fancy, simply a sharp version of your normal dress style. Insofar as smell is concerned, you should of course bathe and make use of antiperspirant or roll-on deodorant. Do not underestimate the importance of an excellent fragrance though. Surveys have proven that both men and women [in particular] are attracted to scent. In addition to using an antiperspirant, a fragrance or body spray is recommended. Just be sure not to overdo it.
  3. Confidence Also Maketh Man: Whilst over-confidence, swagger and bragging are immediate turnoffs, a healthy degree of confidence is a definite turn-on. In addition to the old ‘fake it till you make it’ tactic, one way in which to automatically exude confidence is to talk about something you are knowledgeable and/or passionate about.
  4. Home Ground Advantage: If your date asks you to suggest a location for your date, do not ask friends for recommendations or opt for a place you have never been to before. Suggesting a place you have frequented and will be reasonably comfortable in will not only take the edge off somewhat for you, but will also in turn probably put your date at ease as well. Plus, there’s nothing that will ruin a mood quite like a rubbish meal at an untried place you suggested.
  5. Ask and Listen: Ask your date questions and make a point to listen to her responses. Listening attentively will not only make a good impression on the date itself and an excellent impression on any future dates [if you’ve commit facts about your date to memory], but will also allow you to rather quickly gage whether you and your date are compatible in the first place.
  6. Turn off Your Phone: No explanation required. Turn it off.
  7. Offer to Pay: It is 2016, and the dating rule-of-thumb is to either split the bill or for the person having done the inviting to foot the bill, but that does not mean that you cannot offer to pay regardless. Offer to treat your date, but if they are adamant about paying for themselves, do not force the issue.
  8. Chemistry Experiment: Obviously you will know whether you are ‘feeling’ the date or not, but if you want to check whether your date is reciprocal before the oft-debated goodnight kiss, lean in ever so slightly whilst talking or walking. If your date leans away, they are not all that into you quite yet, and you should probably opt for a goodnight kiss on the cheek.